Tired of spending hours washing and prepping your boat prior to launch? Ceramic Pro is the solution you've been looking for. With its self-cleaning properties and super hydrophobic value, Ceramic Pro has proven it will reduce your maintenance times and costs and will help you be on the water faster. Ceramic Pro is a permanent replacement for wax and sealants for all surfaces on your vessel. Ceramic Pro offers unrivaled protection against corrosion, UV damage, oxidation, staining, fouling organisms, and harsh chemicals. Ceramic Pro is taking the marine industry by surprise. Until now boat owners have been married to regular polish and wax regimes. Ceramic Pro is changing this and the way we clean and maintain the surfaces of your boat.  From towers to keel, from canvas to carpeting, we offer a coating that will make clean up easier and fiberglass shine like never before.  Like to see water bead up?  There is not a longer lasting product available.  It’s not a wax, not a sealant, it’s a nano coating with super hydrophobic properties that is scientifically formulated and professionally applied to your boats surfaces. 

DRB Marine LLC is the proud factory certified dealer and installer for Ceramic Pro products.