Has your boat had a long summer?

Beat up, over partied?

Bring it to Boat Rehab!

We will refurbish your tired old girl and make her as good as new for spring! 

For Interiors:

Flooring, from Teak and Holly to carpeting

Head liners and Hull liners

Upgraded Upholstery

Window treatments


TV's and Stereos

Custom cabinets

Re-varnish and re-finishing

Countertops - Galley upgrades

Appliances and Fixtures

For Exteriors:

Dek-Kingsynthetic decking

Marine Mat decking

Outrigger repair/replacement

Hardware repair/replacement

Lights, horns accessories

Anchor systems


Engine compartment and bilge cleaning

Cockpit tables and furniture

Protective coatings for metal and glass

Limited Winter storage available for customers.  Schedule Early!

Available Services:

...and Much More!!!

Boat Rehab!